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Welcome to India leading manufacture and Exporter

Welcome to India leading manufacture and Exporter of Textile machinery spare parts and its accessories.

We are specialized since 1970 in making spare parts for various types Textile machinery spares parts especially weaving Loom like Sulzer Projectile machinery parts, Air jet Looms, Rapier Looms namely Picanol, sulzer weaving machine spares, Toyota Tsudakoma, Dornier, Somet Sulzer, Vamatex, Panter, Muller Looms, Staubli Dobby spare parts, Weft Feeder Accumulator IRO ROJ spares accessories, Heald Frame accessories, Electrical Jacquard spares, Benninger Warping Machine Parts and accessories.

Our products for Weaving loom Spare Parts includes a massive range of products like Projectile Brake lining for PU Loom, Tw11 Loom, PS Loom, P7100 Loom, Harness Roller Spacing Rings, Switch Element, Traction Element, Indexing Arm, Guide Tooth Block, Staubli Dobby 20/28 shaft electro magnet Bar, Picking lever, Scissors cam plate, Temple Roller dummy rings, Warp stop motion bracket, Projectile Guide insert, Leno Bobbin, Jacquard comber board, Puller and Pusher, Accumulator winding disc and brushes, Projectile body, Solenoid valve plunger and many more products. Please visit our products page to view our complete range of textile machinery spare parts.

Our 40 years experience in manufacturing of Textile Machinery spare parts gives our products a touch of excellence like OEM’s parts. Our products are marketed as Genuine quality @ Genuine price to several Indian Textile manufactures area like Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Gujarat, Karnataka and to our global customer base in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilnka, Nepal, Africa and European country.

We also are specialized in custom-made precision products according to drawings or samples, like Injection Molded plastic parts, special alloy mechanical parts, Rubber molded parts, machining parts, castings and forging parts with the capability of fully integrated manufacturing and texting facility.

We also under take new developments of spare parts for latest textile weaving machinery according to customer’s requirements to meet their specifications equivalent to original textile machinery parts.

We are also member of ITAMMA (Indian Textile Accessories and Machinery Manufacturers Association).

Sanjay Plastics as your business partner you have the guarantee that not only quality and schedule are correct, but also the prices. When you're looking for quality and experience, Sanjay Plastics may be your first choice for textile weaving machinery spares suppliers.

We hope for your cooperation to make a together development in the world of textiles